More Than the Birds and the Bees: Teaching Your Child About Healthy Sexuality

December 29, 2015

For many of us, the idea of talking with our kids about matters related to sex is intimidating. “It’s one of the things that freaks parents out,” says Michelle Icard, an author and educator who specializes in guiding families through the tricky middle school years.  

Even if it’s uncomfortable, talking with our kids about sexuality is one of the best ways to provide a foundation for healthy choices and protect them. What are some key topics and how can we make the conversation easier?

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Yoga for Kids

December 27, 2016

Kids today have more options than ever for sports and physical activity. Yoga particularly seems to be popping up all over the place, from schools and studios to summer camps and even libraries. Why has yoga become so popular? According to experts, yoga offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits for children, including kids with special needs. So strike a pose and let’s get to them.

Kids build strength, balance, coordination and flexibility as they learn how to fold and stretch into various poses. Certain kinds of yoga practice can also provide a great cardiovascular workout.

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(Let’s Do the) Time Warp

January 2012

Do you hear that sound? That constant and reassuring tick-tock, tick-tock? Well, that my friends is the sound of progress. Picture it – a young(ish) couple and their two year old fighting no more over bedtime, nap time or bath time – all thanks to a new, little wonder gadget: a blue and white plastic kitchen timer.

That’s right, folks. A mere $1.99 spent at IKEA can change your life. (Well, that and a plate full of Swedish meatballs.)

Just listen to what happened to the Bertrand family. Their toddler was showing tell-tale signs of civil disobedience: refusing to come to the dinner table, objecting loudly when told he had to leave the store or turn off the TV, making his body go limp to foil any attempts to carry him to his bedroom for a nap. Desperate to restore peace in their household, they stumbled upon the greatest innovation in childcare since the disposable diaper.

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